Conan Visits Italy For His Latest Show Abroad And This Time He’s Brought His Producer Jordan Schlansky Along

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Conan O’Brien has found great success by bringing his show all over the world in recent years. A few years ago he proved he can be a tall superstar in South Korea, and most recently he visited Haiti on the back of Donald Trump’s “sh*thole” remarks, but now he’s doing Mardi Gras Carnevale-style in Italy, and people aren’t really sure who he is. They just know he’s got a lot of cameras around him.

This allows Conan to drag around his relatively curmudgeonly producer Jordan Schlansky through the Carnevale parade in Italy where they can remain somewhat anonymous. At least until Conan’s worldly fandom comes back to haunt him. A large gaggle of South Korean’s recognize Conan and he basks in their love for a few minutes as passerby wonder who this celebrity is.

Conan then decides to tell them he’s Wheel of Fortune‘s Pat Sajak, which they may or may not believe. There is a lot of polite nodding due to the language barrier. All in all, it looks like Conan had a really great time. Schlanksy, not so much. Here he is playing some drums as Conan smiles brightly.

And here’s Conan and Schlansky once again, looking very happy and very disappointed to be involved.

They look happier on a scooter together, at least.

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