Cool It, ASPCA

06.04.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

That depressing banner pic is from the significantly more depressing ASPCA commercial featuring Sarah McLachlan.  It’s been around for a couple years now, but my local cable provider has been straight up flooding the airwaves with this two-minute public service announcement over the past month. It’s horrible.  I challenge any of you to make it through that video without wanting to cry, kill yourself, or purchase hundreds of dollars in doggie toys out of guilt.

Look, I get it ASPCA.  There are tons of poorly treated animals out there.  And people who abuse animals should be lit on fire in a public square and sprayed with aerosol cans for hours on end.  But holy crap, cut us some slack.  I never hit an animal, so why do I have to start sniffling like freaking baby six times a day when you run this ad?  Sure donations are up, but the ends don’t justify these cutthroat means.  That’s PETA’s MO, you’re better than that.  Christ, at least PETA gives us unclothed celebrities.  You’re just giving us one-eyed dogs and Sarah McLachlan.

Warming Glow is almost undoubtedly the most animal-friendly television blog in the history of animals, television, or blogs.  I feel crappy about being Captain Sadpants with that banner pic, because it will bring a lot of you down on a Friday afternoon.  I’m terribly sorry for that.  After the jump you’ll find my apology, delivered in the only way I know how – with sexy eye candy. I hope you can forgive me.

For the fellas, Adriana Lima serving as the greatest centerpiece ever:

And for the ladies, a screengrab of a shirtless, bloodied Raylon Givens. He’s a tough, flawed, bad boy, but I’m sure you can fix him:

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