‘COPS’ Is Being Revived On Fox Nation After ‘Quietly’ Continuing To Film Following Cancellation Two Years Ago

In light of the George Floyd protests in Spring of 2020, Paramount made the decision to cancel COPS, the long-running reality TV series that followed police officers around on patrol. The show had already been weathering concerns about its exploitative content, and with the nation grappling with the topic of police brutality, Paramount pulled the plug as other shows like Live PD followed suit.

However, conservatives have long been critical of the Black Lives Matter protests, so in a not exactly surprising development, Fox Nation has resurrected COPS. The right-leaning streaming service will have new episodes next week, and according to a statement from Fox Nation president Jason Klarman, whoever the heck subscribes to Fox Nation is pumped to see minorities and poverty-stricken communities get shoved into police cruisers. It’s their favorite.

“It has been nearly one year since we greenlit COPS and the reaction has been positively overwhelming,” Klarman said in a statement via Mediaite. “Our subscribers continue to flock to the series and we’re excited to provide our engaged audience with more of the exclusive content they have come to rely on from FOX Nation.”

The move to Fox Nation also corroborates reports that COPS never stopped filming. Following its cancellation by Paramount, Langely Productions, the maker of COPS, “quietly” continued to film new episodes in Spokane, Washington well into November 2020. Those episodes were reportedly filmed to fulfill oversea commitments, but it appears the show was able to find a new home with an audience who did not lose sleep over the death of George Floyd, or countless others.

(Via Mediaite)