Courteney Cox Takes A Trip Back To Her Far Too Expensive ‘Friends’ Apartment On Instagram


The Friends cast may still make an obscene amount of money each year through syndication deals, but Courteney Cox isn’t above pointing out the astronomical cost of New York real estate. More precisely, the former Monica knows exactly how silly it was that her character was able to (along with Rachel Green, who was initially a waitress) afford an enormous top-floor apartment. Not to mention that the apartment was lavishly laid out and decorated, along with being in a great location. Well, Cox happened to recently be in her old neighborhood and snapped a video for the memories.

On Instagram, she tagged Molly McNearney (writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spouse to Kimmel) while captioning the photo as such: “The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000 #friends #mollymcnearney #missthosedays.”

Netflix recently re-upped its streaming deal for the 1990s sitcom, and there’s obviously plenty of interest remaining in the series (despite the existence of too many new original content series every year). Still, Cox explained that she wasn’t sure whether her post would take off or not, given that she posted it at a less-than optimal time at night. Oh, and she was with Jen Aniston when this Instagramming went down, as Cox stated on Thursday’s Busy Tonight:

“So last night I posted that. I was at Jennifer’s house and she’s like, ‘Post that now then, let’s see what happens.’ Because she’s not on Instagram yet either. And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Oh this is probably better if I post it between 9 and 12 because ‘that’s when my fans are.’ And I didn’t. I posted it late at night and it still worked.”

In less than 48 hours, the post is sitting at 1.7 million views. Yep, it worked. Watch Cox on Busy Tonight below.