Kit Harington Knows Nothing About Committing Crimes (Or Does He?) In Netflix’s ‘Criminal’ Trailer

It’s easy to forget that Game of Thrones was Kit Harington’s first credited on-screen role. The biggest TV show of all-time? Not a bad way to kick off your career. But what’s next for the King of the North, now that the length of his hair is no longer breaking news? Harington plays Black Knight in Marvel’s recently-retitled Eternals, and he also stars in the new season of Netflix’s Criminal, the trailer for which was released on Wednesday.

Criminal — which should not be confused with Criminal Minds — is an anthology series where each episode centering around one case. “Four new cases, four new suspects, one room that changes everything,” the Netflix tagline reads. “It’s about how someone reacts when a photo is put down in front of them or what happens when the air conditioning in the room goes off. It becomes about the environment and about the about the human interaction between the cops and the detectives,” creator Jim Field-Smith explained. Harington stars in one episode where his character is accused of manipulating a woman, while Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda), Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), and Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) appear in the other three.

Criminal season two premieres on Netflix on September 16.