Dan Harmon’s Reddit AMA Became A Funny Conversation With Himself

11.04.16 1 year ago 3 Comments
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Dan Harmon

Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are usually good for a laugh, either because they go horribly wrong — as with Woody Harrelson and Steven Seagal — or because they go great and we see something new from a person we enjoy, like when Bill Murray talked about party crashing, Channing Tatum revealed the name of his penis, Nick Offerman shared his favorite Parks And Recreation scene, and Chris Pratt proved he and his Parks And Rec character are the same person.

Dan Harmon’s Reddit AMA falls into the second category. The showrunner/writer who’s had a hand in creating many cool things — Community, Rick And Morty, Harmontown, History’s Greatest Minds, HarmonQuest — took to Reddit and spoke on many topics. Some of the things he spoke about will be in a separate post later today, but for now, we wanted to highlight one question in particular.

No, Harmon didn’t have any updates on the Community movie, but he did answer a question regarding “something you’ve always wanted to be asked during a Q&A.” His answer was timely and poked fun at the current attitudes towards political correctness while still staying on the right side of history. He posed the answer as an impromptu, mock Q&A between himself and a fictional character named Kevin:

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