Call ‘SNL,’ Dana Carvey Has Perfected His Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Impressions

Dana Carvey is a man known for his impressions, especially from his days on SNL. His George Bush is iconic at this point, his Mickey Rooney is underrated, and his turtle is something we’d all likely want to forget. That said, he’s still churning them out and the 2016 election has provided him some new sources to spoof — although, one of them is probably a little too late.

During his appearance on Tuesday’s Conan, Carvey shows off his Donald Trump impression and it’s one that’s very different than the others we’ve seen. Instead of going hard on the loud Trump behavior, Carvey seems far more reserved with his take on The Donald. It’s also nice how it brings in the whole Batman villain take on Trump. He’s likely more of a Lex Luthor than a Joker, but you’d never know the difference if you only saw a picture.

His other impression is Bernie Sanders, sadly. Sanders is likely on his way out as I write this, but Carvey gives him one last great ride with a strong impression. There are better Sanders impressions out there at the moment, but Carvey places his on the best-of list. Just too bad he won’t get to use it.

(Via Team Coco)