Dana Carvey’s Micro-Impressions On ‘Fallon’ Will Delight You In An Efficient Manner

Dana Carvey and Jimmy Fallon flexed their mimicry muscles a ton during their tours of duty at Saturday Night Live and on Friday’s Tonight Show the two SNL alums aligned forces for a number of “micro-impressions.” Who needs all the hog fat of additional impression pageantry? Micro-impressions are the way of the present/future!

The two comedians engaged in a bit of chat on the program, setting the table for Carvey to conjure up his efficient and accurate takes on the likes of Michael Caine and Christopher Walken. Fallon managed to nestle an impression of Chris Rock as a sushi chef into the proceedings and a pleasant time was had by all. “Jimmy Fallon sees a UFO” probably ranks as the crown jewel, although your mileage may vary depending on what you imagine Tony Montana at Thanksgiving dinner is like.

Carvey also paired with Fallon for the Tumbleweed Canyon sketch that saw the men as catty and somewhat clueless cowboys that taunt bar patrons. The fake mustaches fail to hold up their end of the bargain, but it’s still an endearingly silly segment complete with a turn for the Sandler before it bids adieu. It’s giggly fun and far less draining than Westworld.