Daryl Dixon Looks So Damn Depressed About His French Vacation In Footage From His Upcoming Spinoff

AMC is not only having a blast while rolling out The Walking Dead: Dead City‘s semi-return of the “Old Negan,” but they’re also showing off some Daryl Dixon spinoff footage during commercial breaks. Last week, we got to see Daryl passed out on a boat while he floated his way over to France. This was an anxiety-provoking visual for a character who is not having a blast.

This week, we get to see how bummed out Daryl is upon his arrival. As previously revealed, the younger Dixon brother will be as mystified as the audience that he wakes up in Europe. And we already know that walkers can swim, so I’ve got no clue how he slept his way across the Atlantic Ocean without being attacked. I do know that I’m upset about no Dog on the scene.

Here’s a peek at Daryl in his new stomping grounds, which he definitely hates:

Can we get the guy a crossbow, please? There’s also still no word on how Carol surfaces in this spinoff. I would assume that she’s still in the Commonwealth, and those photos that keep surfacing might eventually reflect as much. It seems unlikely that Carol would also accidentally surface in Paris, but dang, wouldn’t it be something if she did? We’re already going to have to suspend disbelief long enough to watch Daryl trash The Louvre, so anything is possible in this franchise.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is still being mysterious about its release date.