Daryl’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Show Will Somehow Take Place In France, Though Who Knows How He Will Get There

As the final season of the long-running zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead is slowly coming to an end, multiple spinoff shows taking place in the universe are still moving forward, including a Daryl-centric show that is slated for a 2023 release.

While discussing the future of the universe on Talking Dead: The Walking Dead Universe Preview 2022, Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple confirmed some details of the long-awaited Daryl spinoff series led by Norman Reedus, which was first announced in 2020. The untitled series will apparently take place after the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead, which airs this fall. Via Collider:

The Daryl spinoff takes place in France. [The World Beyond coda] is a bit of a tease of some of the things Daryl is going to face… Daryl is a fish out of water to start with. If Daryl finds himself with new people, he’s a fish out of water. In France, in a country that’s going through the apocalypse, [it’s] an entirely different thing. He finds himself having to reinvent himself again, having to find himself again, and also, not being with — probably — the only people in the world he’s comfortable with.

While Daryl will be making the trek to France, it’s still unclear how he will get there in a post-apocalyptic universe (they cannot just charter a jet at this point, right?), and who, if anyone, he will be with. Will Dog get to go to Europe too?!

Melissa McBride was originally signed on to continue her role as Carol, though she dropped out of the series earlier this year. One thing’s for certain: even though the original series coming to a close, there will still be plenty of Walking Dead content to satisfy fans….for a long time!

The final eight episodes of The Walking Dead premiere on October 2nd.

(Via Collider)