David Letterman Visits India In His First TV Gig Since His ‘Late Show’ Retirement

Late Show legend and noted beardo David Letterman will be returning to television and potentially talking you into supporting alternative energy. We can practically hear the rustle of his noble facial hair at this very moment.

Letterman is among the celebrities tackling the subject of climate change in the second season of National Geographic series Years of Living Dangerously. Billed as his first TV project since saying goodbye to his CBS chat show post, Letterman visits India to dig into whether or not the nation will move forward with renewable energy plans and distance themselves from fossil fuels like coal. In addition to traveling to rural villages where citizens live without power, Letterman sat down for an interview with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not a bad gig for a retired TV icon.

We have a teaser for Letterman’s contribution to the Nat Geo program’s second season located above. In it, Letterman talks about “friendly” solar energy and gets electrocuted in a fashion that will give Late Show fans pangs of nostalgia. Arnold Schwarzenegger, America Ferrera, Sigourney Weaver, Don Cheadle, and Cecily Strong are among the correspondents for this latest go-around. Season two of Years of Living Dangerously is set to debut on October 30.

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