Solar Technology Is The Latest Attempt To Bring LIfe Back To ‘Uninhabitable’ Chernobyl

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07.30.16 2 Comments

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Looking to mine every resource it can from every scrap of land, there are reports Ukraine will be transforming Chernobyl into the world’s largest solar farm. The hope is that the contaminated nuclear wasteland as a solar farm will be able to produce a third of the electricity the plant generated when it was working at its height almost 30 years ago, as reporter by The Guardian. A presentation about the project revealed the Ukrainian government will only be using 6,000 hectares of “idle” space with the site’s 1,000 square km exclusion zone.

It seems like a somewhat risky situation, but the Ukrainian government believes they can use some of the land for solar, biogas and heat and power generation. Tens of thousands of people in Ukraine, Belarus and parts of Russia had to evacuate after the Chernobyl reactor became unstable.

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