Dexter Doesn’t Have Cancer Any More

04.26.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

“Dexter” star Michael C. Hall is fully recovered from his bout of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to his wife. Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter’s sister (gross!) on the Showtime series, said that Hall has returned to work, if you can call acting “work.”

Carpenter said Friday that Hall was “incredibly brave” when he announced in January that he was undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes.

The 38-year-old Hall went into remission and continued treatment at a health facility near Los Angeles. [AP]

That’s certainly good news for Hall and everyone who enjoys “Dexter.” It’s bad news for people who are sensitive about cancer jokes, though, because I have a tendency to make fun of how bad lymphoma is at killing people. It’s the minor leagues of cancer. Then someone always gets upset — “My mom died of lymphoma, jerk!” — as if it’s my fault his mother had lousy white blood cells. Excuuuuuuse me.

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