Bowen Yang Went On ‘The View’ And Spilled Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Taylor Swift’s (Very) Surprise ‘SNL’ Appearance

After Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made a surprise appearance at last weekend’s Saturday Night Live premiere, speculation began running wild that the power couple really did just show up and the cast and crew scrambled to include them in the episode hosted by Pete Davidson. According to SNL star, Bowen Yang, the rumors are true.

While promoting Dicks: The Musical on Thursday’s episode of The View, Yang confirmed to co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin that Swift and Kelce magically emerged at the 30 Rock studio to the surprise of everyone.

“This did not come about in any way!” Yang said via Decider. “No one was told that they would be there.”

“I’m going to my makeup chair after dress rehearsal, I see a couple people talking to the two tallest people in the world, and then I realized it was them,” Yang recalled. “To see them individually as tall people I go, ‘Amazing,’ but when they’re next to each other, it’s a force multiplier. These two people, it’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I’m in the Redwood Forest. It’s amazing.”

“But there they are. I mean yeah, they just showed up,” Yang said in conclusion. “It was incredible. It just reminds you that SNL and The View are the kinds of shows where live TV is beautiful, people drop by, things happen.”

(Via Decider)