Seems Like There Aren’t Very Many Shows About Dogs With Blogs These Days

Is it me, or are there not that many shows about dogs with blogs these days? Am I just missing them? That’s certainly a possibility. According to FX’s research department, there were over 400 scripted shows in 2015. I watch a lot of television for this job, but there’s no way I can catch everything. Maybe there are a few shows about blogging dogs out there that just slid past my radar. I doubt it, though. I feel like I would know about a blogging dog show. You guys would tell me, right?

It was only a few years ago that computer-savvy dogs were all the rage. Everywhere you looked, boom blogging dog, boom blogging dog. It was a trend that appeared to have staying power. “Gimme more of those blogging dogs!” network executives presumably shouted into their cell phones while speeding through Tinseltown in their Porsches and BMWs. “I gotta have those goddamn blogging dogs!” And yet, here I sit, flipping through my cable guide, not seeing any. It’s odd.

And it’s not just that there aren’t many shows about dogs with blogs these days, it’s that there doesn’t even appear to be many shows featuring dogs that blog. I mean, think abut it: when was the last time you were watching a show and found out one of the characters was a blogging dog? Feels like ages, right?

It wouldn’t even be that hard, really. Like I said, there were over 400 scripted shows last year, and this year is probably on pace for at least that. You’re telling me none of those shows has a place for a blogging dog? I refuse to believe it. Mr. Robot is back for its second season this summer and its protagonist is a delusional computer expert. If you can conjure up Christian Slater, you can conjure up a dog that writes an anarchist blog. Easy. Like this one.

hacker dog

And then: spinoff. We can call it Mr. Ro… bark? Wait, no. That’s terrible. Forget I said that. We’ll figure out the title later. The important thing is that ball is rolling again. And who knows where we go from there? A Netflix series about a dog with a political blog that exposes corruption, a Ryan Murphy anthology series on FX about famous blogging dogs throughout history, a CW dramedy about a pregnant millennial dog with a hot, hot Tumblr, and so on. The possibilities are endless.