The ‘Doom Patrol’ Gang Includes Brendan Fraser Unmasked And A Gathering Of Dancing Butts In The Season 4 Trailer

Whew, Doom Patrol turned out to be one of the only safe DC projects (for HBO Max) at Warner Bros. Discovery amid their ongoing programming shuffle. This is marvelous news for not only Brendan Fraser devotees but also lovers of the entire ensemble cast, which (thanks to Diane Guerrero and the show’s marvelous writers) has yielded a timely take on Karens and a flourishing Danny the Street. We’ve already seen a Season 4 teaser, in which Fraser’s Cliff Steele told us that daddy is home, and now, we’re witnessing a bevy of dancing butts in action.

The trailer announces the impending arrival of [likely General] Immortus and a hint that the characters will head back to where they all began. That likely explains why we’re seeing Fraser’s face without the Cliff/Super-Tin Man apparatus, since he’s now essentially a disembodied (and frustrated) brain. Yet Cliff’s exasperation continues, as he mentions to Crazy Jane, “At least you got to have an orgasm before you die.” Feel free to relive that collective pleasure scene again, and here’s more from the longline.

Season four opens with the team unexpectedly traveling to the future to find an unwelcome surprise. Faced with their imminent demise, the Doom Patrol must decide once and for all which is more important: their own happiness or the fate of the world?

Also returning this season: Matt Bomer as Negative Man, April Bowlby as Elasi-Girl, and Jovian Wade as Cyborg, along with Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge. Hold onto those dancing butts, y’all.

Doom Patrol returns to HBO Max on December 8.