Twitter Celebrity Dril Is Trying To Make An Adult Swim Show With The Pilot For ‘VIRTUAL PRISON’

To this day, the identity of Twitter celebrity dril remains unknown. Since 2008, the social media star — with his famous avatar: a seriously blurry picture of a sunglass-clad Jack Nicholson — has regularly filled feeds with absurdist tweets, chock full of deliberate misspellings, inspired non sequiturs, and other stuff that’s difficult to explain to people who aren’t on Twitter. But though he’s kept his real self private (even as he’s announced a video game), you may be able to see him as the villain — or something — in a what may turn into a full-blown Adult Swim Show.

It’s called VIRTUAL PRISON, and it’s made by dril, Derek Estevez-Olsen, and Pierce Campion. So far it’s just a pilot, and it’s bananas. Estevez-Olsen plays a man who awakens on a low-res computerized island, where a scientist, played by Campion, informs him he’s in a computerized prison, perhaps for life. Our hero is rescued, of sorts, by a masked, motorcycle-riding ruffian named Gomer, played by dril, both his face and his voice obscured, setting the scene for a thrilling, if weird, prison escape.

So far this is all the VIRTUAL PRISON that exists. It has not yet been picked up by Adult Swim, and according to Vice, to do so requires two things: a ton of people need to comment on the pilot’s YouTube page (which one can view above) or the three creators need to convince top brass that there’s more to it than this pilot — which may be tougher than it seems since none of the three have traditional comedy writing or performance backgrounds.

This isn’t the first dril has skulked outside the confines of Twitter. Starting in 2019, he and Estevez-Olsen collaborated on TruthPoint: Dark Web Rising, a parody of InfoWars, with dril decked out in a simulacrum of his Jack Nicholson avatar. If VIRTUAL PRISON is anything like that — or even like his tweets — then TV may never be the same.

You can watch the pilot in the video above (and if you enjoy it, please visit its YouTube page and leave a comment).

(Via Vice)