Will Dwight Ever Meet Sherry On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’?


A few episodes ago, Dwight (Austin Amelio) surfaced in Texas on Fear the Walking Dead after leaving The Walking Dead way back at the end of season eight following the events of the All-Out War. Dwight left Alexandria because Daryl forced him out, but also because he decided to try and chase down his wife, Sherry. That search led him south to Georgia and then West to Texas, as he followed a trail of notes Sherry left behind for Dwight.

In this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “The Little Prince,” Dwight got as close as he’s ever gotten to finding Sherry, but also, he’s somehow never been farther away. In the episode’s C-plot, Dwight and John Dorie went searching for Sherry in what is essentially a radioactive zone that’s apparently impossible to escape by land (which is why the A-plot was devoted entirely to trying to repair a plane so the rest of the crew could escape through the air). Their search led them to a diner where Sherry had left a clue to her whereabouts. Dwight and John hurriedly raced to the address provided, but arrived too late. Sherry, however, left another note for Dwight.

This note, however, was found by John Dorie, who decided to read it before handing it over to Dwight. The letter basically told Dwight to stop searching for her and to go on with his life. Sherry also said that she would no longer leave notes for Dwight. However, John couldn’t bring himself to give the news to Dwight, who was elated by how close he was to Sherry. Dwight, not knowing about the contents of the letter, plans to continue the pursuit.

Here’s the bad news, however: Morgan and Co., were in a race to find air transportation out of the area as soon as possible because, according to Grace (Karen David), there is about to be another nuclear meltdown. That could endanger (and kill) everyone within the radioactive zone, which is impassable both in or out. That means that, unless Dwight stumbles upon Sherry before they fly out of the danger zone, Sherry could very well end up a toxic zombie.

Honestly, I don’t think the reunion is going to happen for Dwight. If Linda Evangelista, who plays Sherry, were returning to The Walking Dead universe, it probably would have leaked by now. It hasn’t, which suggests that she’s probably not returning to the series. If she did, I suppose she’d either have to join the series along with Dwight, or Dwight would have to leave the series to start a separate life with Sherry. I’m not sure how that would work, but in either respect, the odds of a Dwight and Sherry reunion are growing slimmer by the week.

On the other hand, Dwight does play an important role in The Commonwealth story arc in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics, and if that’s where The Walking Dead universe is headed, it’s not out of the question for Dwight to leave along with Sherry and pop up again on The Walking Dead or even the Rick Grimes movies in The Commonwealth. The helicopter might even return to assist in the matter.