It Was Announced That Elon Musk Will Host ‘SNL,’ And People Were Not Having It

During the four years of the Trump administration, reality itself seemed to take a turn for the weird. The news was not only frequently bad but it was often bad in inventively random ways. Since he left office, things have generally chilled out, but this whopper, dropped in the middle of a lazy Saturday afternoon, felt like a throwback to crazier times: For some reason, bad pandemic opinion-haver Elon Musk is going to host SNL.

The world’s most visible billionaire, last heard from floating the definitely smart idea of perhaps making a real-life “Jurassic Park”, will take center stage in 30 Rock for the live sketch show’s May 8 episode. Can Musk even perform? Maybe his wife, the musician Grimes, taught him a few things. Perhaps his friends known him as a skilled impersonator, and this is his chance to reveal he can do more than put Tom Cruise’s life in danger by letting him film a movie in space.

The good news? Miley Cyrus will be the musical guest, so there’s two segments that Musk can’t ruin, unless he screws up his requisite song intros.

When news of Musk’s SNL gig went public, it was met with less than stellar reviews.

Some wondered why comedy people — such as Justin Roiland, who got him to appear on Rick and Morty — seem to like him so.

And there were lots of jokes.

And others had a genuinely good idea on how to make this right.

But for now, Elon Musk will host SNL on May 8. Again, at least there’s Miley.