‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Have Found A New Character They Absolutely Love To Hate

Through ten seasons, The Walking Dead always seems to be at its best when there is an annoying or obnoxious character on the show upon whom fans can concentrate all of their hate. There have been a number of those characters over the last 10 seasons.

For the first couple of seasons, obviously it was Lori who held the title of the most despised character on The Walking Dead (even Steven Yeun hated that character). After Lori’s tour as the worst, Andrea took the baton, and the writers did her so dirty that they eventually had to write her off the series because fans hated her so much.

Carl Grimes took over for a spell after Andrea, although Carl eventually ate a bucket full of pudding and began his redemption arc. Enid occupied most hated character for a few episodes, but then Ron came along. Even worse than Ron, however, was Ron’s little brother, Sam, the whiny kid who got himself, his brother, and his mother killed by a horde of zombies in the sixth midseason premiere for being a crybaby in a zombie horde. Sam really was the worst, no matter how many cookies Carol made him.

Spencer followed Sam as the show’s least liked character, until Negan finally put the audience out of our misery by killing him. Last season, it was actually Henry who fans loved to hate, although poor Henry gained some sympathy when Alpha put his head on a pike at the end of the season.

In the show’s tenth season, it seems that The Walking Dead has once again found a character that everyone absolutely loathes. His name is Gage (Jackson Pace), and he’s actually been around for awhile. Recall that Gage introduced Henry to a bad element last season when he and his friends went out into the woods, had a few drinks, and tortured a walker they had trapped in a pit. At the end of last season, Gage was also a total douche to Lydia when he told her that Addy had a crush on Henry, even though he knew that Lydia liked Henry. Earlier this season, Gage was also one of the folks demanding of Michonne revenge against The Whisperers, even though he had no plan.

In the most recent episode, however, Gage solidified himself as one of the worst characters in The Walking Dead history by taunting Lydia by wearing a burlap sack and posing as Lydia’s mother, Alpha. He was also among the three who ambushed Lydia. Gage personally kicked and assaulted Lydia until Negan arrived. Afterward, Gage met with the council and completely lied about what happened.

His actions have given him a terrible reputation. Basically, even more than Alpha or Beta, he’s the character everyone wants to die next. In fact, after last week’s episode, Twitter expressed their disgust with Gage in no uncertain terms.

Like I said, Gage is the worst. If there were any justice, he’d meet his demise at the other end of Negan’s crowbar.