Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In March, Including ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ And ‘Archer’

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Despite being such a short month, February saw significant additions to (and subtractions from) Netflix‘s significant catalog of original and licensed programming. With a solid three more days to boot, however, the month of March will see an even larger swathe of new shows and films make their way onto the streaming giant, like the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the third and final season of Judd Apatow‘s Love, and the original movies Benji and Roxanne Roxanne. Yet between the entire Jaws film series and the first seven seasons of Archer, March will also see palpable losses for Netflix’s subscribers.


The second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones (3/8)

The Defenders, Netflix and Marvel’s team-up of their so-called “street-level heroes,” may have been a big disappointment. As for the coda provided by The Punisher, its execution, and its arrival soon after the Las Vegas shooting (and in the midst of the country’s never-ending gun debate) seemed ill-timed at best. Even so, the first season of Jessica Jones remains one of the Netflix-Marvel partnership’s best efforts. And judging by what audiences have seen of the second season so far, it’s a sure bet that the violent, foul-mouthed, and super-powered private eye won’t disappoint when it drops on Thursday, March 8th.


The first seven seasons of Archer (3/14)

Netflix may have lured Ryan Murphy away from FX with a massive new deal, but that doesn’t mean the premiere cable network will be raising a white flag anytime soon. In August, the channel announced it would be collecting all of its original content on its own streaming service, FX+, and since then several previously licensed FX shows have started to disappear from Netflix’s catalog. The latest victim of the renewed streaming wars? The popular adult cartoon series Archer. Its first seven seasons will no longer be available to watch come Wednesday, March 14th. I guess we’re no longer doing phrasing.

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