Everything We Know About ‘Constantine’

10.10.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Of all the new shows based on comic books coming out this year, probably the most surprising is Constantine. The petty dabbler has gone from cameo character to a surprisingly popular mainstream figure, and now he gets his own series. Here’s everything we know about it.

The Plot In A Nutshell

Jerk with a heart of gold John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is basically the only one looking out for humanity as demons and angels fight it out. He’s not the kind of wizard who can fire lightning bolts out of his butt, but don’t make the mistake of assuming he’s not dangerous. Constantine is, if nothing else, very, very crafty.

One of the Main Characters From The Pilot Won’t Be Sticking Around

Don’t get too attached to Liz from the pilot; she left the show. She’s being replaced with a character from the comics, namely the sorceress Zed.

Expect A Lot Of DC’s Magic Users To Show Up

The Spectre has already been cast, Doctor Fate has been hinted at, and there are a few other clues here and there. Expect all the characters DC can’t use anywhere else to be a thorn in Constantine’s side.

He Doesn’t Smoke

C’mon, NBC? Really?

Should We Watch?

The pilot, at least, is promising; Neil Marshall of Game of Thrones and Dog Soldiers fame directed it, and it’s gotten good reviews. And NBC has slowly been building a horror night on Fridays with shows like Grimm and Hannibal, and has been willing to take both surprising risks and to stand behind shows other networks would have turfed in the past. So, we’re going to say “yes.” Hey, if nothing else, Matt Ryan looks the part.

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