‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Has Been Renewed for Season 6


Spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead will be found below.

Though the ratings have never quite lived up to the parent series and have taken a slight dip in recent seasons, Fear the Walking Dead still remains one of the most watched series on cable. The fifth season, however, has seen some deterioration in quality recently, although it has managed to maintain its relevancy by adding another crossover character from The Walking Dead in Dwight and intersecting its story with Rick Grimes and the larger The Walking Dead universe.

It thus does not come as a huge surprise that Fear the Walking Dead has officially been renewed for a sixth season, as it continues to play a role in the larger The Walking Dead. The announcement came today at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Moreover, Fear the Walking Dead also got slightly ahead of itself by releasing a trailer to the Comic-Con audience for season 5b before the midseason finale airs this Sunday. There will only be a small three-week break between 5a and 5b this year, and the trailer does answer one very important question: Does Alicia die in the midseason finale? She does not, although she has been exposed to radiation, which could shorten her lifespan on the series and her death would be detrimental to Fear. However, during the Fear panel at Comic Con, showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg noted that several other characters in addition to Alicia (and presumably Grace) have also been exposed to radiation, so it doesn’t seem to be an imminent threat to their lives.

It also appears that, in the back half of the season, Fear will return to Logan, the villain introduced in the season five premiere. Logan took over the home of the Fear characters, and they will endeavor to take it back. Moreover, according to producer Dave Alpert, the back half of Fear will introduce three more characters, played by Peter Jacobson, Colby Hollman, and Colby Minifie.

In addition, the architect of The Walking Dead universe, Scott Gimple, also also mentioned that the greater The Walking Dead universe would soon be exploring several other civilizations, and he spoke about the forthcoming spin-off. “The big secret is that there have been other civilizations that have survived the apocalypse,” revealed Gimple. “We are about to show a lot more.”He also said that the new series would “open up a new world.” He did not provide any other details beyond that.

Fear the Walking Dead will air its midseason finale on Sunday and return with the back half of season 5 on August 11th.