Pete Davidson Makes A Glorious Return To ‘Weekend Update’ To Give His Impressions Of Trump’s Cabinet

Pete Davidson usually manages to make any of his appearances on SNL a bit memorable, especially when it has to do with Weekend Update. His last time out involved telling people to stop listening to Kanye West, but he’s always the best of the Weekend Update guests that only seem to play themselves. It might have something to do with his background in standup, but Davidson’s riffing during Weekend Update always brings one or two outright hilarious moments for SNL. I mean who else is going to bring up Hardee’s instead of Carl’s Jr? People love Carl’s Jr for some reason, but Hardees — which is the same restaurant if you didn’t know that — is treated like Bart’s evil twin on The Simpsons.

Anyway, Davidson runs down the list of Trump’s picks for his cabinet, including Ben Carson and Wilbur Ross. Even Eric Trump gets included in with the fun by getting compared to Buffalo Bill from Silence of The Lambs. I don’t know if I agree with the assessment since Donald Jr. is the one that I usually associate with possibly luring people into a van in some American Psycho scenario, but Eric Trump is close behind. We’re all just lucky that it isn’t real and that the Trump boys aren’t hunting humans instead of big game.

Then again, if the price is good enough, I like my chances avoiding their big guns during a weekend on the Trump Island Survival Experience.

(Via SNL)