Flight Of The Conchords Regales Stephen Colbert With A New Song And A Fun Interview

When news of Bret McKenzie’s injury ahead of he and Jemaine Clement’s previously announced return as New Zealand’s “fourth most popular folk duo” first broke in March, fans were understandably worried. After all, nearly a decade has passed since the second season of their hit HBO series, Flight of the Conchords, aired its last episode. So, needless to say, everyone has been waiting to see if the pair could live up to the hype and reclaim their fourth-place spot. Following their appearance on Monday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, it looks like there’s nothing to worry about.

There to promote their upcoming HBO special, Flight of the Conchords: Live in London, which premieres Saturday, October 6th at 10 p.m. ET, McKenzie and Clement regaled Colbert and his audience with a new song titled “Father & Son.” It’s a seemingly sweet folk tune that pits Clement and McKenzie as the titular parent and child, singing about how the mother’s disappearance (she left the father for a man named Trevor) has utterly changed their worlds. It’s surprisingly sad, but tried-and-true Flight of the Conchords fans will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Aside from the performance, McKenzie and Clement also sat down with Colbert to discuss their return and the upcoming HBO special. “Where have you been? Where’d you go?” the host asked them, point blank. Their response? “Do you remember?” Clement jokingly asked McKenzie before explaining, “We’ve had some children. Not together. With separate women.” They also spoke about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who’s slated to appear on The Late Show later this week. “Not everyone gets to meet her,” the duo joked. “You’re very lucky!”