Fox & Friends Tried To Deliver A Hot Take On Comic Books. Guess How That Went?

Over the weekend, the surreal improv comedy program Fox and Friends decided to talk about comic books. Specifically, women in comic books. Even more specifically, how a national television show can’t fact check anything for a four minute segment.

Tucker Carlson, who we’ll remind you has being utterly destroyed on his own show by Jon Stewart as his greatest and most lasting achievement, starts off the segment by wondering if they’re turning Popeye into a wuss in his new cartoon, which is a little weird since all we’ve seen of the upcoming Popeye movie is some test footage. And then it segues, completely out of nowhere, to that hot Thor news that we first told you about two months ago.

This is, I promise you, an exact quote. In fact, don’t take my word for it. Here’s the clip at 1:48, where an experienced media professional says this on air.

If you think that’s bewildering, take a look at this. This is Thor. Now you may notice something a little different. Popeye lost something, Thor has added something, a couple of them. That’s the new bustier Thor because Thor is now a chick.

Then follows a bunch of concern about this being “politically correct,” you know, because this is a permanent change and not a stunt Marvel will have undone by the time The Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out. After getting the reasons behind the creation of Spider-Woman completely wrong, then they move on to Wonder Woman, and how she wears a pants suit now and hates America because she doesn’t have stars on her ass. They insist this is true by showing a Wonder Woman redesign that DC Comics did indeed use. Four years ago.

None of this stuff is remotely difficult to fact-check. I did it literally while I was watching this clip. Look, I don’t expect people who aren’t into comics to know this crap. I know it because I spent my teenage years learning Marvel comics trivia instead of talking to girls. But come on, they don’t even have an intern on the ball enough to fact check this stuff? Oh well, at least they’re not doing any worse than MSNBC.