The Man Behind A ‘Frasier’ Parody Account Could Soon Lead A ‘Frasier’ Revival Series

The reboot train has come for so many shows in the last handful of years, but it’s never stopped at one of sitcomdom’s most rewatchable titans: Frasier. It’s not for lack of trying: People who can get this stuff done — e.g., star Kelsey Grammer — have been attempting a revival for years, though they have been picky about how it comes back, if at all. But now, as per Deadline, there’s a better chance than ever before about bringing back the good doctor.

It’s still in the early talks, but Grammer and team are reportedly pitching a 10-episode return to Paramount+, the studio’s forthcoming streamer. One catch (apart from that it isn’t an official go just yet): Both Grammer and David Hyde Pierce, who played even more fastidious brother Niles, already have prior commitments: Grammer to an ABC comedy co-starring Alec Baldwin and Pierce to the HBO series Julia. (And of course, Grammer is hot off his memorable turn in last year’s Money Plane.) So they might not start with the tossed salad and scrambled eggs till 2022 at the earliest.

Grammer isn’t the only one pushing more Frasier. The head creative team will include Chris Harris and Joe Cristalli, the latter who runs the much-liked parody account @FrasierContempo. Cristalli, whose previous credits include a staff writer gig on the bygone Colin Hanks show Life in Pieces, celebrated the news on Twitter, declaring victory ahead of the hoped-for green light.

So if there’s some show you want to bring back, one good way to do so is to create a beloved parody account on Twitter. You hear that, fans of the old Jon Cryer show The Famous Teddy Z?

(Via Deadline)