‘Fuller House’ Season 3 Will Premiere On The 30th Anniversary of The Original Series’ First Episode

We may never know whether or not Fuller House is just as popular as HBO’s Game of Thrones, if not more popular. Unlike the Nielsen ratings system that still covers broadcast and cable television ratings, Netflix and other streaming-only providers control their own numbers and keep the results secret. Even so, Fuller House apparently proved so popular with Netflix subscribers that the streaming giant ordered second and third seasons for the nostalgia-driven program. Now we know when the latter will premiere.

Netflix announced on Monday that Fuller House season three would actually get two premiere dates. The first is Friday, September 22nd, and will include the first nine episodes of the new season. The second premiere date and its own batch of nine episodes, however, will appear on the streaming platform sometime in December. No clear reason was given for the decision to split Fuller House‘s third season into two halves, but the practice isn’t all that uncommon among television shows. (The Walking Dead, anyone?)

Interestingly enough, the September 22nd date should ring a bell with those among Fuller House-heads who have watched all of the original series, Full House. “Our Very First Show,” the premiere episode that started it all, first aired 30 years ago on that exact same date — September 22nd, 1987. As for the series’ very first joke, it was uttered by none other than Alice Hirson, who played Danny Tanner’s (Bob Saget) mother, Claire. (“The baby’s sleeping like a baby!”)