A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Compiled All 150,000-Plus Deaths On The Show Into One Video

As discussed yesterday (and pretty much every time we bring up the show), a lot of people have died on Game of Thrones. Some deaths have been sad, some have been hard to watch, and others are a long time coming. Some characters have even died, then come back to life. But just how many people — and animals and White Walkers and one Hodor, etc. — have passed away over the HBO show’s first six seasons? According to a fan-made compilation, it’s 150,966. That’s like filling up the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, dropping a bomb on it, then filling up the stadium again, then dropping another bomb.

“Leon Andrew Razon Compilations” compiled all 150,000-plus deaths (both on- and off-screen) into a single 21-minute video. That sounds long, but time flies by when you’re looking at the corpses of “1,000+ Lannister/Tyrell forces” and “four Children of the Forest.” The first Game of Thrones death is actually the show’s first scene, when Will, a ranger for the Night’s Watch, discovers “5 dismembered Free Folks.” Oh yeah, then Will dies (Ned Stark cuts his head off for being a deserter), as do his buddies, Ser Waymar Royce and Gared. And the most recent death? Technically, it would be Lyanna Stark, although that happened prior to the events of the series, so let’s say it’s Walder Frey.

Either way, there are plenty more (pie-based?) deaths to come.