Just A Reminder, But The Dragons On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Deserve Better

05.10.19 3 months ago


With just two episodes left until Game of Thrones wraps its eight-season run, the writers are taking bold risks and sacrificing a surprising amount of fan-favorite characters.

We’ve endured plot twists, hard-to-see showdowns, epic battles, and Tormund recounting how he once breastfed from a woman giant, but the hardest pill to swallow when it comes to this final season of Game of Thrones is how appallingly the show has treated one of its biggest draws.

We’re talking about the dragons.

Before you give in to the urge to troll the comments with excuses like, “This show was never about dragons,” let us stop you and say, “We know.” We know that George R.R. Martin’s series is an exercise in politics, a reimagining of historical events in a fantasy setting, a commentary on honor and goodness and what drives men to seek power. It’s all of those ideas packed into a story about warring houses in a fictional universe.

But it’s also about dragons, dammit and the show is doing them dirty.

The mythical beasts have been a major plot device since they were birthed at the end of the series’ first season. For Daenerys Targaryen, a young woman recently widowed, wandering the desert with a small khalasar, searching for a way to reclaim her birthright, the dragons represented power. As Dany nurtured them, she watched her empire grow. She liberated cities, freed slaves, and commanded armies, thanks in part to the threat these creatures represented. The dragons have been integral to not only Dany’s story but the overarching plot of Game of Thrones. How many characters have remarked on their influence, their history, the good or bad omens they bring?

They may just be CGI creations but they’re main players in the fight for the Seven Kingdoms and they deserve some damn respect.

Which is why watching how (and why) the writers have chosen to kill them off the show feels particularly enraging.


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