Adding A Dash Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Other TV Shows Makes Everything Better

Is Game of Thrones here yet? (No.)

Is Game of Thrones here yet? (No…)

Is Game of Thrones here yet? (NO.)

By this time in 2016, HBO’s biggest hit, with the highest amount of t*ts and dragons, was already three episodes into the season — we had already gotten our first look at the Tower of Joy, Jon Snow was back from the dead (unlike poor Shaggydog), and Tyrion was failing to amuse Missandei and Grey Worm. But this year, Thrones isn’t premiering until July 16, due to some weather-related shenanigans, and the wait feels interminable. Fans (who are used to waiting when it comes to all things George R.R. Martin) have been passing the time by scouring the internet for series finale fan theories, pitching spinoff ideas, and now, adding a dash of Thrones to their other favorite TV shows.

During Monday’s @midnight, the Comedy Central game show introduced the hashtag #GameOfThronesTVShows, which is exactly what it sounds like: instead of Walker, Texas Ranger, it’s White Walker Texas Ranger; instead of How I Met Your Mother, it’s How I Met Your Mother of Dragons; instead of Saved by the Bell, it’s Shamed By the Bell; instead of, well, you get the idea.

Here are some of the funniest suggestions.

The Big Bang Your Sister Theory sounds much better than Sheldon.