What’s The Deal With Georgie And The Unexpected Visitors On ‘The Walking Dead’?


The Walking Dead can be criticized for a lot of things, but one thing that it cannot be fairly criticized for is aborting characters. There’s almost never a character in the series that vanishes forever. The Walking Dead follows nearly every character to his or her death, even if it means bringing him back seven seasons after he left the show only to kill him off. (And yes: Heath will be back, too.)

Point being, when the series introduces a character like Georgie, that character is not going to vanish back into the ether forever, especially when she’s being played by Tony Award nominee Jayne Atkinson (House of Cards). So, yes: Even though Georgie, Midge, and Hilda left the Hilltop after exchanging a bunch of blueprints and schematics for a few crates full of records, she will almost certainly return after the completion of the All Out War.

The question, however, is who is she? She’s not a comic character, so how do we expect her to return again?

The answer may lie in Scott Gimple’s job as the new Chief Content Officer of the entire The Walking Dead universe. He’s overseeing both Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, and any potential new spin-offs. With Georgie, I think he’s laying the groundwork both for another future crossover and potentially another spin-off series. The title of the episode, after all, is “The Key,” and I believe that Jayne Atkinson may someday be the key to potentially three The Walking Dead series. She might be the Nick Fury of The Walking Dead universe.

Recall what she offered Maggie in the episode: Knowledge. Not just any knowledge, however. Georgie offered The Hilltop a “key to the future.” She gave them blueprints for windmills, silos, hand-drawn schematics, guides to refining grain, creating lumber, and aqueducts.” Georgie gave The Hilltop the knowledge to build a civilization. Why they couldn’t have received the same information for any of the countless abandoned libraries around them, I don’t know, but that’s a question for another post.

Georgie has been traveling around for a while offering this knowledge, and there’s one community that very well may have taken advantage of it: The Commonwealth. Recall that The Commonwealth is a giant civilized community with 50,000 people that we will meet in a future season of The Walking Dead. It’s possible that The Commonwealth received their knowledge from Georgie. It’s also possible that Georgie provides the link between The Hilltop community and The Commonwealth, which we have suggested may be the site for a future crossover event between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead.

In fact, we have also theorized that the origins of The Commonwealth might be explored in a potential The Walking Dead spin-off, and if that is the case, the show was smart to bring in Jayne Atkinson to help spin it off from The Walking Dead. She’s exactly the kind of actress AMC likes for The Walking Dead. She is familiar but not famous; a great actress, and British. She’s a great talent that doesn’t bust the budget.

We will almost certainly be seeing her again.