A ‘Ghost Rider’ TV Series May Come To Netflix

Agents of SHIELD has taken an unusual approach this season, delving into the dark side of the Marvel universe by making Ghost Rider one of the show’s key characters. And, in truth, while Gabriel Luna plays both Ghostie and his alter ego, Robbie Reyes, quite well, it’s been a bit of an odd fit. Ghost Rider’s mortal vengeance seems a better fit for Netflix than for broadcast TV, and it turns out, there’s a reason for that.

Talking to Comicbook.com, Luna revealed that Ghost Rider is indeed a possibility to head for Netflix in some form or another:

People talk about ‘Ah man he’d be great as a feature,’ which is [an] idea too… It could be in the cinema, it could live on Netflix, whatever it is…It’s been talked about, there’s definitely deals in place for that potential. But I just take it one day at a time. I have so much fun now I just want to make sure I get these episodes right. If they throw more episodes on my plate, I will do my best to do well with those stories as well.

It’s not a solid series committment, but it would fit in better with the gritty, street-level anti-hero Ghost Rider is supposed to be, and would also give the character a bit more room to explore his checkered past. The most recent episode of Agents Of SHIELD revealed there’s been at least one Ghost Rider before Reyes became the Spirit of Vengeance, and sharp-eyed fans have spotted one or two nods to the character’s past, most tellingly a poster for the carnival the first Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, made his living at.

The main question is, with so many Marvel series on the way, just where Ghost Rider would fit into the plan. But hey, there’s always room for Marvel elsewhere if it doesn’t pan out. Just ask the Runaways.

(Via Comicbook.com