‘The Mandalorian’ Star Giancarlo Esposito Is Fed Up With Actors Who Don’t Want To Get Vaccinated

In a new feature on Hollywood’s struggles to keep film and TV sets safe during the ongoing pandemic, Giancarlo Esposito absolutely unloaded on his fellow actors who are still stubbornly refusing to get the vaccine. The outspoken TV veteran, who rose to prominence as Gus Fring on AMC’s Breaking Bad, can’t believe that anyone would be selfish enough to not get vaccinated before working with others.

Eposito’s words capped off a new feature in The Hollywood Reporter on how, like most industries in America, even the entertainment world has to deal with anti-vaxxers. Only these ones have superstar agents and managers who can strong arm studios, and Esposito is calling them out:

“If you don’t want to vaccinate, go to a small island and sequester yourself,” The Mandalorian and Better Call Saul actor says. “[Otherwise] you’re saying ‘F*ck you’ to all you other human beings. We all have to do it if we want to live. I don’t understand how people don’t vaccinate. For me, I’ve lost dear friends, so I know it’s real. Not only in Europe but in America, friends who were completely healthy and uncompromised. The vaccine is the answer. I’m not downing anyone who doesn’t want to vaccinate. Don’t work. Go ride it out somewhere where you’re not going to compromise anyone else if you get it.”

The THR piece also revealed that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star Letitia Wright has allegedly resumed spreading anti-vaccination beliefs on the set of the sequel in Atlanta. Wright deleted her social media accounts back in December 2020 after tweeting a video that accused the vaccine of being the “Mark of the Beast,” and according to THR, the event led to her “entire team of U.S. representatives” quietly parting ways. Considering they both work for Disney at the moment, maybe Esposito and Wright can have a little chat.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)