A Teasing ‘Gilmore Girls’ Instagram Post Has Fans Wondering If There Could Be Another Gilmore On The Way

Could there be a fourth Gilmore girl added to the equation – or on the way – when Gilmore Girls is revived on Netflix come November 25th? The popular show’s revival is only a few short months away and the official Instagram account is celebrating the lead up to its return by posting pictures of beloved Stars Hollow items and memories. Who could forget the absurdity and general discomfort of A Film By Kirk or how many times Lorelai and Rory ordered a week’s worth of food from Al’s Pancake House for a single night’s dinner and never gained any weight?

The most recent Instagram post, while indeed a nod to episodes past, could also be a sign of what’s to come in the future. It shows a pile of Pop-Tarts (yum!) with a single apple in the center of the plate. Hardcore fans will remember that particular sugar-tastic snack as the spread that Lorelai made for Rory, Paris, Madison, and Louise to snack on while they studied pre-Bangles concert all the way back in Season 1. Shrewder fans will also know an apple has an even more important place in Gilmore lore, specifically a moment from “Blame Booze and Melville” in Season 5. Especially since the quote accompanying this Instagram is specifically altered to included the apple’s presence. If that doesn’t mean it’s specifically important, than we’re being led on by a promotional social media account. Which is also completely possible.

Anyway, for those who need a refresher the episode in question goes as such. Fresh off a fun night out with Luke, her love interest at the time and rumored current love interest as well, Lorelai goes to the hospital to be with her best friend Sookie while the latter gives birth. During her time waiting for the baby to be born, Lorelai craves an apple as a snack. Which wouldn’t be much of an issue if the only time she craved apples wasn’t when she was pregnant with only-child Rory. But it was. That particular Luke and Lorelai pregnancy scare was a false alarm, but could the show be hinting at the real thing happening in the upcoming stretch of four new episodes? The revival of the show will span a year in the lives of the Gilmore clan and their friends, which is just enough time for somebody to go through an entire pregnancy and then adjust to life with a newborn.

Could family matriarch Emily Gilmore have another grandchild on the way when all is said and done? Or, if Rory reunites a little too quickly with one of her three main love interests (all who are confirmed to return), a great-grandchild? Fans seem to think so based off this simple photo, but nobody will know for sure until the day after Thanksgiving. Could those famous last four words be “I’m pregnant again, Rory!”? Probably not, but I’m not going to stop guessing about those four words until they are revealed.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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