Think Of All The Weird, Random Fun You Could Have With These Exclusive ‘Golden Girls’ Action Figures

So many new movies, TV shows, and viral videos rely on society’s current obsession with nostalgia from their respective childhoods. It’s only a matter of time before Furby gets shoehorned into the 5th sequel to the Lego movie. Not all nostalgia-laden announcements of new projects or releases are bad things though. It’s fun to reminisce for a reason and some things (oh hey, the probably return of every TV show we’ve ever loved) aren’t so bad to have happen based on the phenomenon, even if there have also been many missteps along the way (oh hey, return of MacGyver to television).

The latest development to emerge from the sea of “let’s bring the 80’s back” is definitely the best one so far though. Funko announced that they will be releasing an exclusive line of Golden Girls-themed Funko dolls for New York Comic Con, taking place next weekend. The dolls will only be available at the Javits Center in New York though, so if you don’t have a hankering to go all the way to the West Side to pick some up or don’t have NYCC passes you’ll have to wait for the set to show up on Ebay in a few months.

While these dolls even existing is a win for fans of elderly women living in Miami and constantly trashing each other, the prospect of being able to reenact various episodes of Golden Girls on your own time is a great think to think about. You could recall the show’s glory days by slut shaming Blanche, or gently intelligence shaming Rose! Or, if you’re in the mood to talk down to somebody in a super disdainful but altogether hilarious way you could fill your free time by being Dorothy and looking down at everyone in your general vicinity (but lovingly!). There are endless iterations of the fun to come with Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia at home with you. Just pretend that all four actresses are still alive and perfectly spouting off sarcastic insults with glee.

(via Good Morning America)