Let’s Liveblog Monday’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Remembers It Has Batman

03.14.16 3 years ago 112 Comments

In theory, Batman should never truly find the man who killed his parents. It raises the question of why he’s going to keep punching muggers when he achieves that catharsis. Fortunately, Gotham couldn’t care less about Bat-mythology, so it’s just going to get this whole “DARKNESS! NO PARENTS!” thing out of the way tonight.

Gotham kicked off its midseason return with quite a good arc about Mr. Freeze that gave the character a nice spin. Nora, the frozen woman he’s trying to save, was an actual person who had opinions about being dumped in a tube, and took control of her fate rather than let her husband pine. And now apparently Bruce is going to probably not shoot a guy named Matches Malone in the face.

Seriously, while the show has gotten dark, especially with Gordon, and Fox will seemingly let them do anything when it comes to gore, an eighth-grader blowing away a grown man is probably not going to fly on network TV. So he’s probably going to trip and fall out a window or something. Or Alfred will kill him instead, preferably by punching him to death.

Also, Lori Petty arrives as Jeri, who looks suspicious like the Joker. We’ll find out tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox. Join us, won’t you?

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