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Ah, live news bloopers. I don’t think this one is brand new to the Internet, but I hadn’t seen it until today: a news anchor can’t contain her laughter as she details the grisly murder of a woman who was chopped into pieces by her husband. And I had to transcribe this because it’s just too precious not to see in print:

“In Michigan, police have arrested a man suspected of chopping up his wife… The 37-year-old man is accused in the death of his wife, [laughing] Tara Lynn Grant. A torso and body parts [laughing] of who is believed to be the mother of two were found this weekend in and near the Grant home [laughing].”

Oh, stop it, stop it! You’re killing me here! Limbless torso, ha ha ha! Hey, I bet she could model for some ancient Grecian sculpture!  If she weren’t decomposing in the garbage, ha ha! Oh man. Hoooo. But go on. How are her kids doing?

[via Hot Clicks]

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