Haley Lu Richardson Had A Reason To Take The ‘White Lotus’ Bucket Hat Hate Kind-Of Seriously

There are a lot of reasons to be frustrated with the characters in this season of The White Lotus. For one, they are all too good-looking, which is just unfair to the rest of us. Another reason is the fact that these Americans don’t seem interested in exploring the world-famous Italian cuisine, which is fine because there is a lot of other stuff going on, but now everyone is mad that they haven’t seen Aubrey Plaza Eat, Pray, Love herself yet.

But for some reason, the worst offense has nothing to do with drugs or infidelity, instead, fans are loudly critical of Portia’s fashion choices. And that criticism made its way to the actress herself, Haley Lu Richardson. To be fair, some of the Tweets were very spot on:

“Here’s the thing that I don’t understand,” Richardson recently told TMZ. “I wear that bucket hat in the show, and I think it’s so cute. And I thought everyone liked bucket hats. But then everyone’s been s***ing on my bucket hat on Twitter. And I actually crocheted it, so I’m a little bit sad!” The actress confessed. Bucket hats were a thing for a while! Everyone had an ugly Ikea bucket hat at one point or another, so Richardson was right about that.

Unfortunately, Richardson saw all of the hate on the hat, which she just so happened to make. “There’s like tweets with thousands of likes being like ‘f*ck her and her bucket hat.’ And I made it!” She said.

Later, while speaking on The Today Show, Richardson admitted that she had to stop reading what people were saying online. “People were so opinionated about Portia’s style. A lot of people were repulsed but it. I got kinda sucked into that for a little, but then I just had to cool it,” she said. The bright side is that while Richardson might have made a cheesy-looking bucket hat, she was able to wear it on one of the most-watched shows this year, and her Hat Haters can’t say the same for themselves.

(Via TMZ)