‘The White Lotus’ Fans Can’t Fathom How The Characters Have Failed To Explore Italy’s Fine Restaurants

The White Lotus cast of characters are managing to do what most of would dream of as impossible. They’re jetting off to luxurious, eye-popping locales like Hawaii and Sicily, and they’re (mostly) miserable. At least Daphne is actually vacationing from life! And Cameron is still being Cameron, so there’s that. One odd detail about this show, especially this season, is that the characters don’t really seem to care about exploring any culinary lust. Nope, they’re all too busy boning or trying to bone or being angry about boning. Food seems to be falling by the wayside.

Instead, we get to see Harper angrily chomping on dry toast as she and Ethan’s vacation winds down. Is that even possible? I guess there are more important things to do than eat delicious food: like plot some murder. Someone is either plotting or will pop off soon, and it sure seems like Ethan might have a bone to pick, although it remains to be seen whether his hallucinations contain any truth.

For now, people are wondering why the heck no one is exploring Sicilian food. To be fair, at least Portia and Jack left the resort to eat, even if they didn’t pay, but beyond that wildness, viewers have the same complaint about the show:



HBO’s The White Lotus airs on Sunday nights.