Dermot Mulroney Brings Some Villainous Flavor To Amazon’s ‘Hanna’ Season 2 Trailer

If you’re watching a second-season trailer for Amazon’s Hanna, then you almost certainly don’t need a SPOILER ALERT for what went down the first time around, right? Just in case, feel free to head out now if you haven’t finished the last round.

Now that we’re all alone, we can talk about the ending of the action-espionage series’ first season. This was a gorgeous and well-acted effort, even if it didn’t fully explain its own existence as a gritty TV adaptation of Joe Wright’s 2011 film, which was fable-like and full of ethereal, fairy-tale-like elements. Still, the series was successful enough to continue, even after saying goodbye to Joel Kinnaman’s Erik (RIP), and now we’ve got a teaser that reminds us that not only has the teen assassin (raised by her father in the wilderness) been discovered, but she’s being ominously monitored by Utrax’s new leader, John Carmichael, who’s portrayed by Dermot Mulroney.

Nothing like a dose of Dermot to antagonize things up — something that he’s recently done well on The Righteous Gemstones, Prodigal Son, and The Purge. He also did well by Amazon in the first Homecoming season, so the odds are that he’ll rattle up the Hanna series nicely, even if the title character isn’t terribly intimidated by anyone, not even sinister government agencies. Esme Creed-Miles looks like she’s continuing to own that vibe, and Mireille Enos will also return as her CIA operative character.

Hanna‘s second season premieres on Friday, July 3.