Here’s The Amazing Trailer For ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’

Hot on the heels of announcing its schedule, The CW has rolled out a trailer for Legends of Tomorrow that pretty much answers every possible question we have, while also being unparalleled geekery. Let’s get to it, shall we?

For those who can’t view video, a handy bullet-pointed list:

  • The team will be jumping around in time, fighting none other than Vandal Savage.
  • Notably missing is “Jay Johnson,” the “streetwise” hero that’s supposed to be the third new character.
  • “White Canary” apparently isn’t snatched out of time, but dumped in a Lazarus Pit after all. No idea how that’s going to work.
  • Hawkgirl is going the classic “wings and past-lives” route.
  • Rip Hunter rather bluntly tells us somebody’s dying before the series finishes.
  • The Atom finally shrinks in this trailer, albeit the effects leave something to be desired.
  • There’s also Harrison Wells, in his Reverse-Flash suit, driving a time machine. Which, uh-oh.
  • Captain Cold is easily the funniest thing about this trailer.
  • Also, they fight a giant robot.

This debuts 2016. We officially cannot wait.