The ‘Herogasm’ Episode Of ‘The Boys’ Only Caused Amazon To Hesitate About One Scene That Made It To Air

(Spoilers for Season 3 of The Boys will be found below.)

The Boys continues to ratchet up its outrageous antics, many of which culminated in last week’s “Herogasm” that’s being called the best episode of the show. The episode was so filled with bodily fluids that the production actually ran out of a key fluid, and now, showrunner Eric Kripke is revisiting how that episode came together in the writer’s room.

To refresh, though, it’s worth noting that Amazon (according to Kripke) only had a problem with one scene that had been planned for Season 1. That scene was retooled and ended up surfacing in the Season 2 finale (those moments where Homelander pleasured himself atop a skyscraper), so of course one wonders whether Amazon felt a little apprehensive about any of the “Herogasm” scenes.

Well, they apparently didn’t have a problem with the scene where Mother’s Milk ends up walking into a fountain of… Father’s Milk.

So which scene (out of many lurid ones that also passed) did give Amazon pause? The one where The Deep got randy with not a fellow Supe but with an octopus:

As Kripke told TV Line, this promoted “a lot of discussion” for the following reasons (and obviously, that octopus was a CGI creature):

“For some crazy reason, Standards has a policy against bestiality. They’re so uptight, really. The discussion of that scene and how we pulled off that scene actually triggered a lot of alarm bells at a lot of different levels at Amazon because you’re not supposed to show people f-king animals, and I get it. But my pitch to them was always like it’s so absurd [that] it wouldn’t be out of place in a Farrelly brothers movie. So it’s hard to call it prurient bestiality. It’s ridiculous. To my knowledge, I don’t even think octopi have orifices down there. So there was a lot of discussion of like what are the shots, and what can we do and what can we get away with?”

Kripke added that The Boys is actually one of the reasons why Amazon enacted a “Standards & Practices department,” which make sense. Further, the showrunner added that the show nixed an underwater sex scene with a female Supe (akin to a Creature from the Black Lagoon thing) that emerged from the water and “sprayed all over Hughie.” Yet in the end, most of the spraying happened to Mother’s Milk. You gotta feel for the guy losing his favorite jacket like that, but to be fair, I think Hughie went through enough this episode. Being naked in a house full of copulating Supes probably isn’t as fun as it sounds.

(Via TV Line)