Watch Hodor Hold That Door Just One Last Time In This Hilariously Awkward Clip

Now that we’ve finally been informed of what all that “Hodor” business was about on Game of Thrones and are mourning the loss of one of the show’s most memorable characters (for now, who knows if he’ll come back?), it’s time to move out of the stage of grieving where we mumble “hodor” wistfully out a window and time to get to a place where everyone has a good old time asking Kristian Nairn to hold their doors for them. Incidentally, this stage happens right before every person on the planet (whether they watch the show or not) decides that screaming “hodor” while running for an elevator is the funniest and most original thing they have ever thought of, and do it incessantly, so let’s enjoy what we have right now (before that happens) while it lasts.

The video clip above (which has gone viral since yesterday) is both enjoyable and very awkward. In it, Mark Turpin (of the comedy gaming channel Yogscast) starts out by talking about how great the Warcraft movie is (he’s seen it three times) before telling the audience that he “has to rush.” But, oh ho ho, what is this? The door before him is about to close. And not having the necessary strength to open it himself, he’s got to make sure that the guy in front of him keeps it open. “Hold the door,” he shouts before panning over to show us who’s doing all that holding. Surprise! It’s Hodor.

It may not be the biggest laugh you’ll get all day (it’s Thursday, so it might), but it’s definitely very sweet to watch Nairn gamely play along with Turpin (something he’s likely going to have to do with lots of fans for the foreseeable future). We’re really gonna miss the guy!