The New ‘Game Of Thrones’ App Is Basically A Dragon Tamagotchi, If You’re Into That

HBO is beginning to hype up fans for the upcoming House Of The Dragon series, and their first stop is an immersive fan experience at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego.

Fans lucky enough to brave the overbearing crowds at this year’s con will get early access to the immersive app, House Of Dragons: DracARys, emphasis on the “AR” because it’s an AR game. Makes sense, yes? There, they will step into the world of dragons and even get to raise their own that they virtually can keep in their pocket, similar to every child carrying around a Tamagotchi in 1999, which is now likely gathering dust under your childhood bed. Please feed them.

Fans will be able to attend an egg-hatching ceremony, then become their own mother of dragons while caring for their little scaley guys so they can grow up and breathe fire, presumably. In case you were wondering, the app is developed by Niantic Inc., which famously changed the world in 2016 with the introduction of Pokemon Go, the last thing that the people of the world seemingly agreed on.

Pia Barlow, EVP of originals marketing at HBO Max, said in a statement: “We’re creating an immersive experience that will allow old and new fans alike to engage in a unique journey, bringing them closer to the Westeros featured in the new series House of the Dragon.” The app will have a global rollout on July 25th.

House Of The Dragon premieres August 21st on HBO.