The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer Launches Into A Civil War And Goes *Heavy* On The Dragons

House of the Dragon‘s Season 2 will arrive in 2024, and HBO made good on their hint of a first look coming this weekend with a teaser trailer.

As you can plainly see, Aemond’s major screw up of not being able to control Vhagar, which ended life for Luc and Arrax, has fully launched the Targaryen civil war (i.e., “The Dance of the Dragons”). This led to, as the trailer hints, many mistakes in the decisions that followed King Viserys’ Death. As George R.R. Martin’s relevant book (which is the source material here), Fire and Blood, further narrates, this leads to the downfall of the entire House of Targaryen.

This, of course, is why Daenerys Targaryen was married off to Khal Drogo as Game of Thrones began. Her brother, a bad Viserys, officially made that call, yet all of this sources back to not only Aemond’s homicidal joyride but also Viserys I’s inept decisions while atop the Iron Throne. RIP!

The trailer gives a hint of a glimpse of Tom Taylor joining the series as Lord Cregan Stark, Returning cast members will include Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra), Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen), Olivia Cooke (Alicent Hightower), Eve Best (Rhaenys Targaryen), Steve Toussaint (The Sea Snake), Fabien Frankel (Ser Cristan Cole), Ewan Mitchell (Aemond Targaryen), Tom Glynn-Carney (Aegon Targaryen II), Sonoya Mizuno (Mysaria/The White Worm), and Rhys Ifans (Otto Hightower).

House of the Dragon will premiere in early Summer 2024.