Ice-T Has A Choice Response For Anyone Who’s Worried That He’ll Leave ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Anytime Soon

Fans of the Law & Order franchise got a real treat today while seeing a peek at the upcoming three-show crossover (arriving on Sept. 22). Yep, that’s right, we’re not only gonna see content that resembles the existing SVU and Organized Crime spinoff crossovers, but those characters will also bump into detectives from the revived series proper. So, there will be Detective Benson and Detective Stabler and their Unresolved Sexual Tension together, along with Detectives Shaw and Benson, too. And hopefully some Fin Tutuola.

More Law & Order news arrived very quickly. Peacock announced that they’re taking over next-day streaming rights (on NBC shows) from Hulu, and then we heard that a longtime SVU star would run for the hills after Season 24. That news applied to Kelli Giddish, who portrays Detective Rollins, but I guess that Ice-T got wind of people who initially feared (as I did) that Fin (and Ice) would leave the building.

Never fear. Ice-T is not leaving SVU. He does have a lot on his plate, yes, but he can do it all. “FYI. People think I’m leaving SVU every time I do something else. Do they not understand I’ve got 20 Jobs! Simultaneously,” the Body Count frontman tweeted.

So there you have it. He’s got over 20 seasons under his belt and no apparent plans to quit. And yes, Ice-T manages to balance a lot, including wild commericals, and keep on hustling. Someone needs to ask him if the Organized Crime octopus will be joining the triple-event crossover. I have a feeling that he’d like that subject as much as he enjoyed talking about “shipping.”