‘Industry’ Season 3: Everything To Know So Far About HBO’s Cutthroat, Debauchery-Filled Finance Drama, Now With Kit Harington

Industry has, unfairly or not been compared to both Succession and Euphoria but stands on its own well-heeled feet. The show has also been called a Gen-Z-friendly Succession, which isn’t the worst analogy but also does not give due credit to the show that can only properly be experienced by streaming it on Max. In short, this is a thrilling series about the 20s-something financial set, who work hard and (at times) party harder.

The third season of this underappreciated gem will soon hit HBO in the U.S. and BBC One in the U.K. In addition to the ensemble cast already present, a familiar face to HBO viewers will soon appear. Let’s talk about what we can expect when the workplace drama returns.


These fledgling Pierpoint investment bankers will continue to push through their stress-filled daily lives at work while letting the good times roll after hours. That includes enormously messy personal lives as individual ensemble members rise and fall in the ranks. Creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay also enjoy a wink and a nod to other HBO shows, including this Reddit-noted labeling of Rishi (Sagar Radia) dressing like Kendall Roy:


What’s new this season? The character of Sir Henry Muck, who is a tech CEO portrayed by Kit Harington. According to BBC, his character is “the embodiment ‘of old money’ privilege.” Does Harington look like he knows more than Jon Snow in this first-look photo?


From the show’s third-season description:

As Pierpoint looks to the future and takes a big bet on ethical investing, Yasmin (Marisa Abela), Robert (Harry Lawtey), and Eric (Ken Leung) find themselves front and center in the splashy IPO of Lumi, a green tech energy company led by Sir Henry Muck (Kit Harington), in a story that runs all the way to the very top of finance, media, and government. Since leaving Pierpoint, Harper (Myha’la) is eager to get back into the addictive thrill of finance and finds an unlikely partner in FutureDawn portfolio manager Petra Koenig (Sarah Goldberg).


New additions to the cast include Kit Harington, Sarah Goldberg, Roger Barclay, Fiona Button, Miriam Petite, and Adam Havill. Returning actors include Myha’la, Marisa Abela, Conor MacNeill, Adam Levy, Sarah Parish, Harry Lawtey, Ken Leung, Sagar Radia, Indy Lewis, Trevor White, and more.

Release Date

The bell will ring (perhaps that’s not the best lead-in but fits the theme) on Sunday, August 11 at 10:00pm EST. The season will contain eight episodes.


No third-season trailer exists yet. However, these clips might persuade you to join the Industry audience if you aren’t curious enough already.