Jake Johnson Had An ‘Unreal’ Conversation With ‘New Girl’ Guest Star Prince About Football

Prince stories are the opposite of your friend telling you about the dream they had last night: you actually want to hear them. There’s the time he served Charlie Murphy pancakes that was immortalized in the famous Chappelle’s Show sketch, of course, but let’s not forget when he, along with Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy, got c*ckblocked by Donald Trump, or Conan O’Brien telling Maya Rudolph “maybe the best story ever about Prince’s mystique.” Jinx star Jake Johnson has another Prince tale for the collection.

The Hollywood Reporter rounded up Johnson, Michael Che, Jerrod Carmichael, Will Forte, Danny McBride, and Bowen Yang, and asked them to name what people most often say to them when they’re in public. Johnson is frequently questioned what New Girl guest star Prince was like, to which Che wondered, well, “What was he like?”

Johnson called Prince “really weird. He had a whole group of people, they were all wearing purple and walked in a single-file line, and when they got to the place we were going, he was announced, ‘Prince is coming to set,’ and everybody got tight, and then they all walked out. He was talking to Zooey Deschanel, and I was waiting for the moment where I say hi, and then he goes, ‘I’m ready to meet Nick now.’ That was my character’s name,” and that’s how he was introduced to Prince. Johnson continued:

Then we did the scene, and he was a genuinely good actor. And then he didn’t get up. They were relighting, which is about 45 minutes, and if Prince doesn’t get up, I’m not getting up. I was like, ‘So, you a big [Minnesota] Vikings guy?’ And he was. We talked NFC North, and it was unreal.

And that’s how Nick Miller, I mean, Jake Johnson ended up bitching about Christian Ponder (I assume) to Prince.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)