James Cromwell (AKA Ewan Roy From ‘Succession’) Superglued His Hand To A Starbucks Counter To Protest Extra Charges For Non-Dairy Milks

In today’s weird but true news, Succession actor James Cromwell superglued his hand to a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan earlier this morning to protest the extra charge for non-dairy milk. The best part? It was all live-streamed on Facebook!

“When will you stop penalizing people for their ethnicity and their morals? The senseless upcharge hurts animals,” The Oscar-nominated actor said while his hand was glued to the Starbucks counter. He was also sporting a “free the animals” shirt.

Cromwell was joined by other activists from PETA, a notoriously controversial organization with strange marketing tactics. “Stop this practice of charging customers more for something that should be available to everybody, that saves the planet, that does not harm animals and will make a difference. Your understanding this and your support is essential,” Cromwell said. “We’re here to bring attention to the damage that charging extra money does for animals and the planet and the people living on the planet.”

The actor’s monologue was cut short by police, but not before Cromwell used a knife to detach his glued hand from the counter. The specifics of that extreme action are a little unclear, but he appeared unharmed. He then allegedly added lotion to his glued hands.

Last year, Starbucks famously dropped the upcharge at its UK stores, so the US might not be that far behind. Though we probably didn’t need James Cromwell to superglue his hand to a counter for this to work. Just send an angry tweet like a normal person!